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1) Security & Privacy

1.1. Is it possible to access Staff Times over an encrypted connection ?-
1.2. Is my data really secure ? what about backups ?+
1.3. Where is my data stored ?+
1.4. My data is confidential. How is it managed in detail ?+

2) Technical Questions

2.1. Which desktop browsers are supported ?+
2.2. Can I use Staff Times on my smartphone or tablet ?+
2.3. Can I use Staff Times on my own server ?+
2.4. Can I use Staff Times without an internet connection ?+

3) Trial & Contract

3.5. How do I transfer a subscription to a newly joined member ?+
3.1. How does the 30-day free trial work ?+
3.2. Is there a minimum contract term ? Or a cancelation period ?+
3.3. How do I cancel my account ?+
3.4. How do I renew my account ?+

4) Payments

4.1. How much does Staff Times cost ?+
4.2. Which types of payment do you accept ?+
4.3. Where can I check my payment status ?+

5) Login

5.1. I forgot my login credentials. Help !+
5.2. How do I change my Account password ?+
5.3. Can I change my login Mail-ID ?+

6) Team

6.1. Is Staff Times a multi-user software ?+
6.2. How many users can be added to one account ?+
6.3. I have set up the account. What does that mean ? Can I change that ?+
6.4. Can I limit the rights of a user ? Say, let him track his time only ?+
6.5. Is it possible to delete a user ?+

7) Time Tracking

7.1. Any suggestions on how to enter a starting balance ?+
7.2. How do I reduce my accrued Overtime balance ?+
7.5. What is meant by 'Offset' ?+
7.3. How do I manage my Overtime and hours at special rates ?+
7.4. Please explain the feature 'Overtime for Period'+
7.6. What is the definition of 'Activity' in the context of this app?+
7.7. How can I customize my timesheet formats ?+
7.8. I updated an Activity’s setting, why is the change not showing up on the tracker ?+
7.9. What is meant by “Templates” ?+
7.10. How can I transfer my data to a new device ? +

8) Reports

8.1. How can I analyze my data beyond the standard reports ?+
8.2. What is the Allowance Bank Report for ?+
8.3. How do I print my report from my mobile device ?+